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  Since the Spring of 2007, Elite Green Cleaning has offered exclusive green home cleaning that provides customers with first-class service at reasonable rates.  We use only environmentally-safe cleaning products made from natural plant based  oils -  no toxic or harsh chemicals - which means they won’t harm your health or that of your family, your pets or the planet. 

     Our cleaning products also have the added benefit of aromatherapy, so your home will smell incredibly clean and fresh for days.  We guarantee our products and services to be fully effective in cleaning and disinfecting all areas of your home.*

     There are never additional charges for our use of these natural cleaning products.  We pamper all of our clients using these fine cleaning solutions and great service!
     Further, each year  EGC donates a percentage of our proceeds to several not-for-profit environmental and animal and child protection organizations. 

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We do not use any bleach products.  While we thoroughly clean and disinfect your household, some stains on older or rough surfaces may still appear.

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